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Our studio guidelines are routinely enforced

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early

  • No  chewing gum during class

  • No shoes allowed in the yoga class

  • Please use the restroom before class

  • Mats are available to purchase for $7.50

  • Absolutely no talking in the yoga classroom

  • Water is available for purchase for $1 per bottle

  • Leave all extra items in the outside Yoga Studio cubbies

  • Register and pay for your classes online prior to class


  • No  cell phones are allowed in the yoga room (please silence and leave in cubby)

  • Everyone will remain in the classroom for the entire session. If you get lightheaded, please sit or lay down on your mat to recover). You are not allowed to leave the room for the safety and security of yourself and the other students.

Choose Again Yoga Guidelines are enforced for the comfort, safety, and health of our students.

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