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Sandy Young

The Singing Yogini

It was in 2002 when Sandy realized the healing powers of yoga. She had just given birth to her second child and was suffering from postpartum depression when a friend suggested she try yoga. However, due to her preconceived ideas about yoga, she was reluctant. Eventually Sandy went and it changed her life. She felt the healing powers in her body and her attitude. Shortly after, in 2003, she decided to become a certified Yoga Instructor. Since then she has taught many private and group classes. She has witnessed hundreds of bodies and lives changed. Sharing yoga to the world has now become her passion and life’s work. Sandy now has over 2000 hours of training including, Egyptian Kemetic Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Hot Yoga, Chair Yoga and Yoga for Depression. She specializes on the metaphysical aspects of each pose and how it affects body parts, Chakras and how you can apply information learned about yourself on the mat into your world to help you make better choices allowing you to "Choose Again" daily.



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