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Choose Again Yoga Teacher Training

200 HOUR – 8 Weekend Training Program


If the idea of deepening your mental/ spiritual growth, while positively transforming the lives of others is intriguing, then this training is definitely for YOU!

The Choose Again Yoga 200 Hour Certified Yoga Training Program offers you a nurturing atmosphere to prepare you to share yoga with others in your own style. You will be equipped with the confidence to to teach a full class with ease. Unlock your full potential, deepen your practice and knowledge for your body and your students. Fill the growth in your process of becoming better.  With full guidance and feedback will be given to help you be the best you can be. This is a life changing experience no matter what your intentions for completing the program, you will leave more vibrant and confident. Hone your communication skills to give clear verbal corrections and precise step by step instructions to allow for the best yoga experience for you and your students.

Student Outcomes: 

  • Students will learn Anatomy and body alignment as applied to asanas


  • Students will learn how to lead 

    Meditations and Pranayama (Deep Breathing) exercises


  • Students will become Reiki Certified with in depth Chakra Awareness

  • Students will learn to Sequence Asanas for fluidity and maximum student benefit 


    Students will learn Yoga 

    Philosophy, History and Techniques

  • Students will receive 

    Hands on assisting and adjusting


  • Students will learn to energetically connect and teach intuitively


  • Students will learn learn modifications for all skill levels and body types


  • Students will learn Yoga skills as a business



Upcoming Training Session: ​​​



LAST CLASS   JUNE 22, 2024

Practicum in  JULY

Graduation in AUGUST 


Program Details:


$500 Deposit and 4 payments of $450

(must be completely paid before graduation)

Requirements While Training:

  • Vegetarian lifestyle 

  • Daily Meditation

  • Daily Yoga practice 

  • Daily Journaling

Weekend Schedule

Classes are held 3 days a week for 8 weekends

Friday 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am – 1 pm

Sunday 3:00 pm – 6 :00 pm

​Some Wednesdays 7- 9 pm

For more information:  


If you have any questions:

contact Sandy at

No upcoming events at the moment
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